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Arvind Kolapkar Universal Rhythm at Alankritha Art Gallery

For Kolapkar, painting is an ongoing process of creative activity where emotion and music plays a greater role in the end product.

Top 200 Artists of the 20th Century to Now

Welcome to The Times Top 200 Artists of the 20th Century to Now, created in association with the Saatchi Gallery. Times readers and Saatchi Online...

Abramovich at the Biennale di Firenze‏

Patricia Ambramovich is such a unique and innovative painter, using knives instead of paint brushes. I like her solid strokes and the bright colors that define each and everyone of her awe-inspiring works. Her wide spectrum of topics, from nature and landscapes, to abstract and still life...

Art in Vogue – Contemporary Artists

www.mastersoftoday.com submit Art in Vogue‏ Art in Vogue - Contemporary Artists Collectible global art book ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-91-89685-13-0 Estimated Release Date: 2010 Hardcover 256 PAGES Edited and Published by MOT DIMENSIONS: 8.5X8.5...

New Art Originals.com Street Exhibition January‏

Hello Darko, I saw your work on www.onart.com  I particularly enjoyed Captivation. We are organising a huge outdoor Exhibition of Art for contemporary artists with a...

Announcement for Emerging Artists‏

Would you like to become a Bach Modern Project artist ? “ Emerging Talents “ exhibitions may be a good start for cooperation...

Apply_medial 3art biennial‏

Biennial exclusively on the web. all Artistic methods, processes or means of expression used to produce a work of art are accepted. * Art competition 2 years [2009 ~ 2011] * The competition is open to artists working in all mediums.

The Six Most Common Mistakes Artists Make When Approaching Galleries‏

Did you know on an average week I may be approached by as many as 20-35 artists looking for gallery representation? Most of...

International Dictionary of Artists

The International Dictionary of Artists, a biannual art reference book that will present artists from all over the world. The aim of this publication is to put every artist on the map, no matter where they may live.

Call for artists-Featured Artists

Modern Art Community and Mediaplan publishing invite you to participate in a collectible book of art. Featured Artists is a daring attempt to feature several contemporary artists in an overview, a book which will be a resource for galleries, museums, artists, art collectors and dealers who constantly seek for new talents and trends in the art community.

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