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Artnews is a website, with a main purpose to promote Visual Fine Arts.

Artnews is a part of Contemporary fine art domain ConteArt.com.

Sub-domains under conteart.com are planed to provide art news, tips and tutorials for artists and art lovers.

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ConteArt.com is completely managed and edited by fine artist Darko Topalski

“I had to finish some unfinished things in my personal life, and since this Art News project is completely voluntarily, it was on hold over the past years.
Now I hope new posts and this site will be updated daily or at least weekly :). New visual look is here, site is optimized for the mobile devices and has better performance. This is my selection and a collection of art headlines over the globe. Since I receive art news and art invitations daily my goal was to collect them and publish a selection.

All the Best

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