The UB Anderson Gallery displays a "Print Review"

artwork: Chunwoo Nam - "We are here", 2011 - Lithograph and etching with gold leaf - 15" x 22" - Courtesy of the UB Anderson Gallery, Buffalo, NY. On view in "Print Review" from March 3rd until May 27th.

Buffalo, New York.- The UB Anderson Gallery is proud to present three exhibitions of traditional, experimental, and innovative printed art by three Buffalo-affiliated artists. “Print Review” opened on March 3rd and remains on view through May 27th. “Print Review” features traditional, experimental, and innovative printed art by three Buffalo-affiliated artists. It is fitting that UB Anderson Gallery has organized these three exhibitions of printed art because the Gallery is home to more than 800 prints in its collection of 1,200 works of Modern art that was donated to UB in 2000 by David Anderson, son of Martha Jackson. Recognized as one of the most influential art dealers who contributed to the shaping of the post-WWII American art scene, Jackson was one of the first dealers to provide separate gallery space for printed art by modern artists.