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Major Pablo Picasso Exhibit Opens at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow

Pablo Picasso - "The Studio of La Californie", (1956) - Painted in memory of Marisse and as a tribute to Delacroix's Women of Algiers - From The Picasso Musseum in Paris

Russia’s influence on Pablo Picasso was celebrated at a new Moscow
exhibit on the Spanish painter, sculptor and co-founder of the Cubism movement.
Picasso paintings of bulging-eyed women and sculptures bearing his
trademark triangular noses feature in a 240-piece collection of works by one of
most prolific and dominant artists of the 20th century. The largest
Picasso exhibit on Russian soil in over 50 years opened on Friday and it was the
Russian influence on Picasso — by way of his Russian wife and access to her
world — that excited those in the marble halls of Moscow’s Pushkin Museum near
the Kremlin, which is housing the exhibit.