Zak Kitnick: Three Men and a Maybe opens at D’Amelio Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- D’Amelio Gallery presents a new project by New York artist Zak Kitnick. In this work, Kitnick employs unfinished steel shelving components, nuts, bolts and welded steel—materials typically associated with the industrial realm of manufacturing. Increasingly, however, they have been absorbed into the home as industrial design is celebrated as a style. A single architectural work juts from the wall, subdividing and partitioning the gallery as the structure presents its two sides, those of surface and support. Nine raw steel enclosure panels evoke an upright Carl Andre floor sculpture; complete with industrial markings, they show the wear and tear of their own production. Opposite, the open shelving suggests the concealed equipment of the closet or the cornucopia of the well-stocked modern pantry, without even a bag of flour—or a pair of slacks— on its overqualified