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Yes . . . There Is A Museum of Communism in Prague

Euro RSCG Prague did this campaign to tempt the public to visit the Museum of Communism in Prague where you can get to know the former dictators intimately.

PRAGUE (REUTERS).-Glitzy new shops, fast food restaurants
and trendy bars have replaced Prague’s former monochrome socialist-era landscape
but a museum dedicated to the country’s communist past offers glimpses of the
uglier times.The Museum
of Communism, which focuses on politics, history, sport and other aspects of
daily life in socialist Czechoslovakia, touts itself as the first of its kind in
Prague exclusively devoted to the system that dominated the country for more
than four decades following World War II.
For many Czechs who grew up under communism,
there is little need of a reminder of how brutal the system was. But 20 years
after the Velvet Revolution some wonder whether many have forgotten the past in
a country where the communist party still attracts about 15 percent of the