Yardbirds Guitarist Chris Dreja to Display Historical Photographs at ZepFest, Memorial Day


WASHINGTON, D.C.- Dreja’s classic historical art focuses on legendary portraits of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, including the back portrait from Led Zeppelin 1. One photograph, featuring Jimmy, has been autographed by both Chris and Jimmy for the event. Dreja will privately sell this at the Fest, and make others available in a special section of the Festival’s Merchandise Table. Dreja has been the Yardbirds rhythm guitrist since the group formed in 1963. He was also always a talented photographer, chronicling London and theYardbirds’ experience in the 1960s. After the group broke up in 1968, Jimmy Page offered him the position of bassist in a new band he was forming (later to become Led Zeppelin). Dreja declined in order to pursue a profession in photography. Only occasionally did he took breaks to play in Box of Frogs in the 1980s and the Yardbirds since 1992. in addition to being a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,Chris has received acclaim and an award from