Yad Vashem National Holocaust Memorial Starts Collecting Holocaust Items


TEL AVIV, ISREAL (AP).- Lydia Avidan, an elegant 79-year-old widow, walked into a Tel Aviv high school with tears streaking from beneath her tinted sunglasses. She was about to hand over to historians the only mementos she had left from relatives who perished in the Holocaust — a yellowed, cracked letter she had never read and a faded black-and-white photo of her grandparents. “It’s a part of me and it’s hard to let it go,” said the gray-haired Avidan, who escaped Poland as a child and settled in Israel. “I’ve saved them all these years, but once I go they will be lost.” Avidan donated the materials at a collection point in the spartan classrooms of the school, where the final relics of the Holocaust were being collected. “Gathering the Fragments” is a project launched by Israel’s Yad Vashem national