XII Media Forum in the Frames of 33rd Moscow International Film Festival Presents "Expanded Cinema"


MOSCOW.- For the twelve years that the Media Forum programme has existed its organizers had to explain in almost every interview what the project wholly dedicated to visual art is doing on the territory of cinema. What do sound performances, video art, multi-channel installations and net art have in common with the film sphere? Each year Media Forum tried to explain this in its events: Peter Greenaway delivered a whole lecture on death of cinema for the triumph of visual art, artists, filmmakers and critics at Media Forum panels discussed the border-line aesthetics, Media Forum guests, such as Eve Sussman, Gary Hill, Jesper Just and others have each year and with very programme brought to Moscow their premiers on the edge of cinematic and fine arts. And finally this year the organizers decided to answer all questions summarily with a large-scale project demonstrating the flow of forms, subjects, t