Wrong Sounding Stories: New Paintings by Adam Mysock at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery


NEW ORLEANS, LA.- Jonathan Ferrara Gallery presents Wrong Sounding Stories, New Paintings by Adam Mysock.This is Mysock’s second solo show at the gallery, following his sold-out show Mythconception in April 2010. The exhibition is on view through July 20, 2011. Wrong Sounding Stories consists of twelve meticulously-painted miniature acrylic on panel works ranging in size from 5″ x 6″ to 10″ x 17″. Mysock is fast becoming known for his finely detailed paintings that combine various imagery from reinterpretations of masterworks from art history to icons from pop culture and Americana, all collaged into his own masterpiece that creates a new meaning. Each work in this exhibition is titled with a section of Moses’s narrative from the Bible. Using this biblical base, the paintings become tongue-in-cheek re-imaginings