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World’s Largest Exhibition of the Stellar New York Artist James Rizzi Opens in Bremen

BREMEN.- Colorful, with a zest for life, and full of humor—these qualities are typical of James Rizzi, typical of his work, typical of his world. For decades the New Yorker has been delighting numerous collectors around the world and an extensive community of fans with his refreshingly positive creations. Along the way from street painter to celebrated stellar artist, James Rizzi developed his unmistakable, cheerful style while trying out new ideas again and again. Already at the beginning of his unparalleled career, the connection between painting and sculpture led him to develop his famous 3D graphics. Whether it is a matter of the design of a Condor airplane or a postage stamp: James Rizzi remains true to himself, yet is always good for a surprise. In 2010, the most successful living representative of the first generation of pop artists is celebrating his sixtieth birthday. This is the occasion for a special survey of a dynamic life and versatile oeuvre. The exhibition R