Works made from motifs in everyday life by Wilhelm Sasnal on view at Haus der Kunst


MUNICH.- The exhibition provides insight into Sasnal’s work from 1999 to the present. It shows more than 60 paintings and a selection of his films. Wilhelm Sasnal (b. 1972 in Tarnow, Poland), who has already attracted international attention with a series of solo exhibitions, finds his motifs in everyday life and in the media. His range of images includes portraits of family members and friends to icons of pop culture: a news photograph of a young girl in the rubble of the tsunami disaster in Japan to chapters in Poland’s history, such as World War II and the Holocaust. His paintings swing like a pendulum back and forth between the past and present. Stylistically Wilhelm Sasnal blends the romantic with realism, abstraction with pop. He found his training at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts – the making of still lifes, nudes, and with a huge emphasis on art history, though only up to the beginning of the twentieth century – to be “very technical” and