Works by David Kapp and Tom Burckhardt at Tibor de Nagy Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- The Tibor de Nagy Gallery presents a selection of recent paintings by David Kapp. The artist has explored imagery of New York City for the last two decades. The exhibition includes large and small oil paintings of sidewalks and crowded streets, as well as highway traffic at night, in which the bright headlights of cars contrast against dark blues. Kapp invites the viewer to the tops of buildings, to sit in taxi cab-spattered traffic, and to experience the frenzy of the city. His expressionistic take on the urban landscape captures the vitality of each chosen locale. The striking use of color with light and shadow both highlights and obscures the geometry of megalithic skyscrapers, building facades, and sidewalks as pedestrians rush by. Whether gazing down on a solitary figure on a park bench or on a crowd stretching as far as the eye can see, we experience the heartbeat of the city. The artist’s work has