Woodcuts: Collection from Albrecht Dürer to Tal R at the National Gallery of Denmark


COPENHAGEN.- While the world is experiencing an ever-increasing influx of new media, the Royal Collection of Graphic Art directs attention to one of the oldest mediums around. A medium, moreover, which remains very much alive and continues to attract the attention of the most innovative strata of contemporary art. The spring exhibition at the Royal Collection of Graphic Art at the National Gallery of Denmark provides a comprehensive introduction to the technique and functions of woodcut. Woodcut is the oldest known graphic technique, and the exhibition homes in on the most significant periods in the history of the medium. Featuring more than 100 specially selected works from the Collection of Graphic Arts, the exhibition shows a range of rarely seen prints by lesser-known artists alongside works by some of the leading figures within art history, including Dürer, Altdorfer, Titian, Gauguin, Kandinsky