Women Make Sculpture: Sarah Lucas, Polly Morgan & More at Pangolin London


LONDON.- Why are women still marginalised by the art world? Does gender bring something different to the work itself or is it just politics? These are some of the key questions that form the foundations of the exhibition Women Make Sculpture at Pangolin London, on view from May 19 through June 18, 2011. Despite the huge success of a handful of sculptors such as Barbara Hepworth, Elisabeth Frink and Louise Bourgeois, women still find themselves under-represented in major ‘blockbuster’ shows. A prime example is the Royal Academy ’s current exhibition Modern British Sculpture which has received so much criticism for leaving out established male sculptors such as Antony Gormley and Anish Kapoor. But what about the women? Is such a meagre selection really representative of the current state of British sculpture? Pangolin London thinks not. Coinciding with the centenary year of International Women’s Day,