Winner of Discoveries PHE Award 2010 Vanessa Winship Presents Her Solo Exhibition


MADRID.- Under Off Festival section of PHotoEspaña 2011, the British photographer Vanessa Winship, winner of Descubrimientos PHE Award 2010 (Discoveries PHE), shows her work Sweet Nothings in a solo exhibition at the Art bookstore and gallery Gloria. Winship had been living and working in Turkey for several years. One enduring image that had always struck her was the schoolgirls in their blue dresses, the same in every town and village. These dresses with their lace collars and messages embroidered on the bodices, were the symbol of the Turkish state, but the girls who wore them were simply little girls. In the borderlands of Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Armenia, a region known euphemistically as the emergency zone because of a long low level conflict, in which many thousands lost their lives,