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Wilson A. Bentley’s Amazing Vintage Snowflake Photos for Sale in NYC

This undated photo shows one of the snowflakes recorded by Wilson A. Bentley, a Vermont farmer fascinated with snowflakes. Bentley was known as "The Snowflake Man" his pioneering photography of more than 5,000 illusive jewel-like snow crystals - no two alike. - AP Photo/Carl Hammer Gallery, Wilson A. Bentley.

NEW YORK, NY (AP).- Vermont farmer Wilson A.
Bentley was known as Snowflake Bentley for his pioneering 19th-century
photography of more than 5,000 jewel-like snowflakes — no two
 Bentley, also known as
The Snowflake Man, was fascinated with snowflakes, and his observations
and experimentation made him the first person to capture a single
snowflake with a camera.
 26 of his images are for sale at
the four-day American Antiques Show presented by the American Folk Art
Museum in New York. Ten of the images are of snowflakes, which he called
snow crystals, and are priced at $4,800 each. The others show winter