Wen Wei Po Newspaper Says China Accuses Famed Artist Ai Weiwei of Tax Evasion


BEIJING (AP).- Famed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who disappeared earlier this month and is believed to be in police custody, is being investigated for allegedly evading his taxes and destroying evidence, a Hong Kong newspaper reported Thursday. The Beijing-backed Wen Wei Po newspaper quoted unnamed sources as saying Ai, an outspoken government critic, is suspected of evading large amounts of tax, though no exact figure was given, and destroying papers that might have been used as evidence against him. His family denied the paper’s claims and said the government is trying to punish him for his social activism. “He has made the government unhappy by speaking up for ordinary people,” Ai’s sister Gao Ge told The Associated Press. “Now the government wants to get him back.” The Wen Wei Po is often used by the Beijing government to help shape