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VisionQuesT Gallery Presents Arturo Delle Donne: Memes

By: Roberto Mutti
GENOA.- Our culture seems, for some time now, compressed into an homologation nurtured by very few ideas from which it is difficult to see a broader horizon. Yet beneath the surface of appearance, there slither insights, thoughts, and reflections generating unexpected views that once again surprise us. To make them apparent, we have to look back at our past and dig deep until we see the winding most ancient roots, those that lie in the very origins of our culture when science and poetry were not opposed but fused into a single, intricate knowledge. If the myth is a kernel of truth wrapped in a cocoon not immediately obvious, only those who have the intellectual courage to investigate with a free spirit can grasp the final true meaning. The ancient ones knew it very well; they plunged their history in the magma of the myth and defended it with the intricate mystery of words. Today these words are approached and sometimes replaced by photography with its appar