‘Vee Speers: Immortal’ On Exhibition at Jackson Fine Arts in Atlanta

artwork: Vee Speers - "Immortal #1", 2010 - Image courtesy of Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta 'Vee Speers: Immortal' is on exhibition at the gallery from April 15th until June 18th 2011.

Atlanta, GA – Jackson Fine Arts in Atlanta, Georgia will be showing ‘Vee Speers: Immortal” from April 15th until June 18th 2011, an exhibition of new works by Vee Speers. Vee Speers presents the viewer with a distinctly fascinating and highly personal body of work intent on exploring the friction between temporality and timelessness. Vee Speers earned international acclaim with her series The Birthday Party, a collection of portraits informed by the artist’s observation of her daughter’s eighth birthday. The children portrayed in these photographs were garbed in party dresses and animal masks, blowing facesized bubbles; or dressed in nurse uniforms and gas masks, their expressions steadily transfixing viewers from within timeless compositions awash in anachronistic elements. The Birthday Party found Speers and her subjects gracefully straddling the delicate divides between childhood and old age, past and present, solemnity and play.