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Van Gogh Unusual Painting Now Authenticated at Museum de Fundatie

"Le Blute-Fin Mill", by Vincent van Gogh. The newly authenticated Van Gogh has gone on display 35 years after an art collector bought it in Paris, convinced it was painted by the famed Dutch master but never able to prove it. Louis van Tilborgh, curator of research at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, said "Le Blute-Fin Mill" was done in 1886. He said its large human figures are unusual for a Van Gogh landscape but it has his typically bright colors. AP Photo/Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle.

AMSTERDAM.- Today, the most recent painting to be
authenticated as a genuine work of art created by Vincent Van Gogh, “Le
Blute-Fin Mill”, was put on display in the Museum de Fundatie in the central
Dutch town of Zwolle, Amsterdam.
The 19th century painting of a Paris
mill was declared an original 25 years after the death of the man who bought it
– Dirk Hannema. The painting’s owner Dirk Hannema, who was born in
Batavia, Dutch East Indies in 1895, bought the piece in 1975 in Paris from an
antique and art dealer for 5,000 Dutch guilders ($2,700), and then immediately
insured it for 16 times more than what he paid.