Valencia’s IVAM Presents a Retrospective Exhibition of the Sculptor Baltasar Lobo


VALENCIA.- The IVAM presents a retrospective exhibition of the sculpture Baltasar Lobo, on display until May 1, 2011. The exhibition gathers 92 works between sculptures and paintings that represent the different stages of his creative production from the forties to his last works in the nineties. It is a complete perspective of a legacy that has been shown in museums and public spaces in France, Spain, Germany, Austria and Venezuela. His sculptures on a medium and large scale are characterized by perfectly polished surfaces in which the light slides and goes through the corporeal space. Using materials such as marble, alabaster, granite, wood and bronze, the Spanish sculptor directed his oeuvre towards the creation of a language of abstraction, but keeping the human figure as the cornerstone of his creation. On the occasion of the exhibition, the IVAM has published a catalogue that contains all the works displayed and texts on Bal