Valencian Institute for Modern Art shows a retrospective of Spanish painter Menchu Gal


VALENCIA.- The exhibition, organized in collaboration with Menchu Gal Foundation and sponsored by Social Kutxa, shows oils, drawings and watercolors, representing different stages of the creative artist and genres that grew from his first works influenced by êcole de Paris in the 30’s, to his latest creations of the 90’s. If we look at the work and artistic career of Menchu Gal (Irun, 1919 – 2008), a woman who managed to find happiness in painting during the dark years after the war, who succeeded in being herself despite all the obstacles imposed by the society of the Franco regime, we make a great discovery. A discovery because, although she occupied a place of honour in the Spanish art of her time, although she was one of the few women artists who shone in a world dominated by men, and although she was the first woman to be awarded the National Painting Prize, in 1959, her name fell into oblivion, like those of María Blanchard and, to a lesser extent, Maruja Mallo or