Valencian Institute for Modern Art pays homage to Tapies exhibiting six important canvases


VALENCIA.- The director of the IVAM, Consuelo Císcar, presented the exhibition “Homage to Tapies’ which will remain on display through March 20. The exhibition includes six of the most important works of this great creator as part of the museum’s collection and two books of artist. Over the years since its creation IVAM funds have been enriched by the work of Tapies, with his paintings and graphic works represented in the collection of more than seventy pieces. “There is nothing that is mean,” Tàpies said, paraphrasing Joan Salvat-Papasseit. “Everything has a soul, even the simplest object, even the pots and pans in which Saint Teresa discovered God.” With these reflections Tàpies showed a way of creating a dimension of art that can be discovered in immediate reality, in the ordinary domestic world, in common everyday objects in the home. At the same time, however, in this closeness to ordinary life there is a lyrical medieval asc