US Sound and Media Artist, Stephen Vitiello in Sydney for 20th Kaldor Public Art Project


SYDNEY.- Internationally celebrated US sound and media artist Stephen Vitiello has created two extraordinary new art projects in Sydney this August. Vitiello’s major work, installed in the historic former Brickworks at Sydney Park, is entitled The Sound of Red Earth, and is the result of extensive sound recordings captured by the artist throughout the Kimberley region in Western Australia. Over the past year, the artist has made two week-long field trips to the Kimberley to record bird and animal calls in freshwater billabongs, the sounds of tidal flows and marine life. He has even captured the frequency of the starlight and translated it into sound. Vitiello’s many recordings detail the natural life and environment of the region. Resonating with sound and light, the kilns at the Brickworks have been transformed into immersive environments, evoking the remote Australian landscape. Each composition reflects a different focus: wind, water and native wildlife. The histor