US Airways’ ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Jet Destined for North Carolina Museum


HARRISON, NJ (AP).- To stand inside the cabin of the US Airways jet that crash landed on the Hudson River is to imagine, even briefly, some of the terror that must have overtaken the 155 people aboard as the plane descended onto the icy water. The plane’s interior is largely undisturbed from the Jan. 15, 2009, landing but is littered with reminders — and a coating of dried mud. A stethoscope from a first-aid kit lies on the floor in one row, while unused life jackets still wrapped in plastic sit on seats. Many seat cushions are gone, grabbed by passengers as they exited onto a wing. In the rear galley, food and beverages are waiting to be served. The world will be able to relive the triumph of what has been dubbed “The Miracle on the Hudson” when the Airbus A320 is shipped this spring from a northern New Jersey warehouse