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Urban Cliff Divers Make a Splash in Boston Harbor Using the Roof of the Institute of Contemporary Art

BOSTON (REUTERS).- Divers from across the globe leapt from a platform some 90 feet above Boston Harbor on Saturday in an extreme-diving tour that used the overhanging roof of an art museum as its most recent launching pad. Fourteen divers competed in the urban twist to the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Their diving board was the roof of the Institute of Contemporary Art, as thousands of spectators marveled at the acrobatic feat from behind a glass wall on the museum’s fourth floor gallery, and from nearby grandstands and lawn seats. Some of the best views were had by spectators cruising the waters nearby in leisure boats, or lounging in kayaks mere feet from the divers’ entry point. It took just three seconds from take-off to entry, with a host of tucks, twists and somersaults on the way down, before