Unseen Photographs by Russian Artist Alexander Rodchenko to be Unveiled at Art Sensus


LONDON.- Previously unseen photographs by Russian artist Alexander Rodchenko, held in private hands until now, will be unveiled at newly branded Art Sensus on 21 January, as part of the first comprehensive gallery exhibition devoted to the artist’s photographic work and that of his contemporaries. Curated by John Milner, Rodchenko and his Circle will feature three hundred powerful photographs revealing the artist’s response to Communism in relation to the professional photographers he worked with: Naum S. Granovsky, Simon Fridland, Max Alpert, Evgeni Khaldei and Georgii Zelma. A body of work from the Vkhutemas school, largely influenced by Rodchenko’s teaching, will also go on display for the first time. Starting off with the group’s diverse propaganda work produced under Lenin and Stalin, the exhibition explores the industrialization of Soviet Russia