UCCA Puts the "Squeeze" into Sculpture with Erwin Wurm’s Narrow Mist


BEIJING.- Last week marked the opening of Narrow Mist, Austrian artist Erwin Wurm’s first solo show at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) in Beijing. A celebrated creator of irreverent and sometimes twisted works of sculpture, Erwin Wurm employs gentle humor, interactivity and the natural curiosity of his audience to get us to think more deeply about the foibles of our modern world. Narrow Mist is a unique and interactive exhibition showcasing the vast creative range of Erwin Wurm’s sculpture. In the UCCA nave, we encounter Narrow House, modeled after the home the artist grew up in. There are narrow chairs and tables, narrow bookshelves lined with narrow books, a narrow sofa and narrow rooms covered with decidedly 1970s-style wallpaper. Is this elongated structure charmingly slender, disturbingly tight or claustrophobically close? Visitors will have the chance to walk through Narrow House and decide for them