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Two Projects for Historic Salisbury Cathedral

WILTSHIRE.- The Art & Exhibitions Committee at Salisbury Cathedral have invited artist and lighting designer Bruce Munro to exhibit two large installations in and around the Cathedral. Salisbury Cathedral is known to many as the most glorious building in Britain. Designed by Elias de Derham it was built by a team of 300 men over a period of 38 years and was finally consecrated in 1258. Over the centuries it has inspired some of England’s finest artists: Turner, Constable, and Whistler. Bruce Munro would never claim to be in their league. But he is honoured to be invited to show his work in this extraordinary, historic and holy place. Munro’s first piece is Light Shower, essentially a huge chandelier like a magical cloud of light which will be installed in the middle of the cathedral during the winter months of 2010/2011. A massive fibre optic installation with 2,000 clear ‘Tear Drop’ diffuser