Two New World Monuments Fund Conservation Projects Announced Today in Paris


NEW YORK, NY.- World Monuments Fund announced today two new projects: the conservation of the choir of the renowned Albi Cathedral in France and of the Salon Rico in the Medina Al-Zahra in Cordoba, Spain. Bertrand du Vignaud, President of World Monuments Fund Europe, stated: “We are pleased to announce today two new initiatives in Europe: the conservation of the exceptional choir of Albi Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic art and architecture, and of the Salon Rico in the Medina Al-Zahra, famous for its remarkable Moorish reliefs. The conservation of the choir in Albi Cathedral and of the Salon Rico will result in even greater appreciation of the importance of these sites by art enthusiasts around the world. These two projects are made possible with support from the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, under the aegis of the Foundation of France. World Monuments Fund is delighted to inaugurate a new funding partnership with su