Two Exceptional Gilt Bronze Figures from a Private European Collection Offered at Sotheby’s


PARIS.- A tour through the highlights of the Asian Art sale on 16th December at Sotheby’s in Paris gives an insight into the diversity and creativity of Asia in all its forms. Key among the works in the auction are two exceptional gilt bronze figures from a Private European Collection. Originally part of a group of sixteen similar figures, evenly positioned east and west of the Buddha Shakyamuni in a sanctuary, they have companion pieces in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and Munich’s Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde. The series depicts the Luohans or Arhats meaning “the dignified ones” in Sanskrit, and their respective names – Ajita and Cudapanthaka (lot 78 and 79, estimate: €350,000-500,000 each) – and their original position in relation to the Buddha is incised on their bases. Until now five other sculptures belonging to the same group have