Art News

Twelve New Artists Exhibit at the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire

CHAUMONT-SUR-LOIRE.- Echoing the 2010 Garden Festival on the theme of “body and soul”, the French artists, Anne and Patrick Poirier, are offering eight poetic installations that link nature and memory closely together. Using a very wide variety of materials and media, such as marble and granite, light and sound, they will be presenting their work in the “Stables”, as well as in the Château itself and the Grounds of the Domaine. The roundabout in the “Stables” will thus be transformed into an elegant “aviary”, a small chapel “capella in the clearing” will come to life in one of the groves in the grounds and a 3-tonne monumental eye made of marble, “The Eye of Forgetfulness” will be placed at the bottom of a natural ice-house, a cave open to the skies in the Valley of Mists. Five more works are being created in the Domaine’s artistic spaces that are both unexpected and very refi