Tutto Fellini, a Fellini Season in Switzerland Opens with Exhibition at Musée de l’Elysée


LAUSANNE.- Tutto Fellini, a Fellini season in Switzerland with the Fellini, la Grande parade exhibition at Musée de l’’Elysée, a complete retrospective of Federico Fellini’s films at the Cinémathèque Suisse and an exhibition dedicated to the colour photographs of the film 8 ½ launch the Fellini Foundation for film’s new exhibition space, in Sion. While La Dolce Vita has just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, the Fellini, la Grande Parade exhibition is the perfect opportunity to interrogate the relevance of the filmmaker’s life’s work. Detaching itself from chronology to approach Fellini through his obsessions, the exhibition focuses exclusively on pictures, those that inspired the filmmaker, those of which he dreamt, those which he made himself… The confrontation of the images, the update of their diffusion by the means of a firmly contemporary mode of exhibition, establishes a dialogue between photography and film, between still and moving imag