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Travel website’s travel picks: top ten places with bad public art

LONDON (REUTERS).- Whether publicly funded or privately obtained public art can be as controversial as it is indefinable. Members and editors of travel website ( have some very strong opinions which helped them come up with the top 10 pieces of bad public art. Reuters has not endorsed this list. 1. “Forever Marilyn” Seward Johnson; Chicago, Illinois: Detractors have found so many things to criticize about this work that it’s hard to know where to start: its 26-foot (7.9 meter) scale, its impropriety given that the movie to which it pays tribute is set in New York, and its perceived crudeness given that viewers are able to look directly up the screen siren’s dress. Luckily, she’ll only be there until 2012. 2. “Cow Parade” – Certainly these painted fiberglass cows had a certain charm when they first started popping up unexpectedly