Totonaca Mural Paintings Restored: Salts that Blocked Visibility were Removed


MEXICO CITY.- After 3 years of restoration, the 30 meters long mural painting at El Tajin Archaeological Zone, in Veracruz, nearly 1000 years old, recovered their colors and iconography to be enjoyed by the general public. The mural paintings were created by the ancient Totonaca groups between 800 and 1200 AD in Building 1 at the area known as Tajin Chico, in the archaeological site. The murals presented deterioration and crumbles produced by salts and were painted on floors, walls, steps, rafters and niches; the completely decorated dwelling might have been occupied by a high-rank character. It was in 2007 when specialists of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) began the rescue and conservation of the paintings, coordinated by restorer Dulce Maria Grimaldi. Calcium carbonate salts were