Tory Fair Takes On Seventh Project in DeCordova’s PLATFORM Series


LINCOLN, MA.- DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum announced the installation of Tory Fair’s Testing a World View (Again), the seventh project in the PLATFORM series, on view July 23, 2011 through Spring 2012. Boston-based sculptor Tory Fair creates objects and installations that address the transitional space between the real and imagined, what is physical and what is felt. In her most recent work she focuses her explorations on the relationship between the body and nature through cast, figurative sculpture. As part of deCordova’s ongoing PLATFORM series, in which emerging and mid-career artists are invited to create work specifically for the site, Fair’s installation highlights deCordova as a venue for indoor and outdoor contemporary art. As Fair notes, “our imagination [is] part of our resources and part of our nature. My sculptures intend to endorse the perception that nature is the imagination; that