Tinney Contemporary offers intriguing mix of abstract, representational art


By: MiChelle Jones
NASHIVILLE, TENN.- In Tinney Contemporary’s current show, Peri Schwartz’s colorful abstract paintings are interspersed with her large graphite drawings. The subject of most of these pictures is the artist’s own studio, a 10th-floor corner office in a 1930s building in New Rochelle, N.Y. The effect of seeing alternating views of the space, in color and black and white as well as abstract and representational, is stunning. The Architect Within will remain on view through March 24. “It’s just there and it’s available at all times,” Schwartz says of why she began focusing exclusively on her studio. “Also, it’s something I can change and move around and rearrange as opposed to a landscape, a cityscape or even a portrait. It’s something I can manipulate as much