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Tim Burton and the Lurid Beauty of Monsters at MoMA

Corpse Bride, 2005. USA/Great Britain - Directed by Tim Burton, Mike Johnson - Courtesy of MoMA

New York, NY – A director of fables, fairy tales, and
fantasies, with an aesthetic that incorporates the Gothic, the Grand Guignol,
and German Expressionism, Tim Burton has created a body of films—fourteen
features released over two and a half decades thus far
—that reveal an
uncompromised auteurist vision. Burton’s striking visuals and indelible
characters make even his blockbuster studio films intimately personal. From
adaptations to musicals to stop-motion animated films, his work bears a
distinctive, unmistakable point-of-view, and his unique interpretations of
well-known comic and literary characters, real-life personalities, and beloved
childhood icons have resulted in creations that sometimes surpass their sources.