Three Emerging London-Based Artists Present ‘Transmission’ at Haunch of Venison


LONDON.- ‘Transmission’ brings together three emerging London-based artists – a painter, a sculptor and a multimedia artist – and explores the affinities they share with regards to notions of transference and abstraction. While the work of Adam Dix, Alex Hoda and Katie Paterson is shaped by very different thematic and formal concerns, there are underlying correspondences in their approach to considerations such as the transmission of meaning, the dislocation of context and the mutation of form. Objects and forms are often manipulated or abstracted in their works, their original function obscured. This exhibition seeks to reveal the points of intersection in Dix, Hoda and Paterson’s practices, showcasing the work of three exciting young artists at the start of promising careers. Adam Dix mines the graphic culture and sociology of the 1950s in his