Thomas Hirschhorn Explores Explosive Issues at the Kunsthalle Mannheim


MANNHEIM.- The Bernese artist Thomas Hirschhorn (*1957, lives in Paris) is one of the most important artists in the international art scene. It became clear in 2004, at the latest, when in his scandalous show, Swiss Swiss Democracy (Paris), an actor in a symbolic act urinated on the picture of the Swiss minister Christoph Blocher, that Hirschhorn seeks confrontation with his art. From 12 March to 13 June, 2011, the Kunsthalle Mannheim presents the 300-square-metre material collage, It’s burning every-where, with which the artist was included in the series of 3sat and Monopol, Stations. Meisterwerke zeitgenössischer Kunst. With his flaming, expansive battle of material, It’s burning every-where, Hirschhorn continues the project he started at DCA in Dundee, Scotland, in 2009. The untiring artist transforms the exhibition space into an artificial conflict zone – a trouble spot – by means of innumer