Things Get Ugly, Sensual and Raw with "The Wild 80s" Exhibition at ARKEN in Copenhagen


COPENHAGEN.- The young eighties generation of Danish artists had a bone to pick with the cool, politicizing art of the 1970s. They visualized the new thinking on “the death of the grand narrative,” the collapse of hierarchies of value, the elimination of the boundary between original and copy, the mixture of fiction and reality in the media’s stream of images and the growing individualism in society. In that sense, the works of those young artists are important documents for history. They speak of the currents that influenced culture and society in the late seventies and early eighties. In tune with the zeitgeist, they generally painted with ironic detachment but also with sensuality and curiosity about painting. In their raw, at times willfully ugly, expression, the works had a powerful impact on the viewer. Now that we have an occasion to take a fresh look at the work of these