Theme of Relationship Between Human and Nature Explored in Exhibition at Rosphoto


SAINT PETERSBURG.- The exhibition by Mathias Kessler(Austria) at ROSPHOTO is result of the author’s research into the theme of relationship between human and nature. “In 2004, after a string of natural disasters and as a result of the ongoing media focus on global warming, I undertook to develop a second “look” at nature in order to better show how we perceive and encounter it today. After conducting research on the Western perception and historical representation of nature, I developed different bodies of work that examine and update Western landscape traditions, in order to better reveal how the depiction of landscape is also the matter of its production, and show how historical changes in these representations relate to contemporary images of the landscape. To produce these bodies of work, I traveled to the very hot spots and man-made disaster zones that were most often featured in media stories about global