The Zee Stone Gallery Shows Le Thong’s Beautiful Women Oil Paintings

artwork: Le Thong - "Vietnamese Lady Blue No.6", "Vietnamese Lady Red No. 12" and "Vietnamese Lady Green No. 2" - Oil on canvas - each 160 x 45 cm. Courtesy Zee Stone Gallery, Hong Kong, © the artist. On view at Zee Stone in “Bitter Sweet Symphony” until July 15th.

Hong Kong.- The Zee Stone Gallery is proud to present “Bitter Sweet Symphony”, an exhibition of Oil paintings by Le Thong until July 15th. Le Thong is a talented Hanoi-based artist, whose paintings feature  refined and graceful  women who seem to exist in a world between dream and reality. This impression is heightened by a half-realistic, half-abstract style, in which the delicate faces and slender hands are drawn in minute detail, while the figures are half hidden behind a textured surface. The figures are fragile and seemingly out of reach, they have a beguiling air of mystery, and a bittersweet sense of loss. Le Thong was born in1961; he is a lecturer at the Hanoi Fine Art Academy.