The WWA Gallery in Culver City Highlights the Work of 6 Artists

artwork: Paul Torres - "Don Quixote on a Deep Sea Fishing Trip" - Oil on wood - 11" x 17".  Image courtesy of WWA Gallery © the artist.

Culver City, CA.- New growth in a barren land is the theme of “Lilacs Out of the Dead Land” at the WWA Gallery in Culver City until May 7th 2011. Featuring works by Paul Torres, Casey Weldon, Richard J Frost, Sinae Park, Lily Mae Martin, and Dylan Sisson, “Lilacs Out of the Dead Land” unites six unique artists and visions in one show and exposes a fresh new field of talent not to be missed. “Lilacs Out of the Dead Land”, a line taken from the T.S. Elliot poem, The Waste Land, evokes the imagery of new growth in an otherwise barren world, which is how the works of the contributing artists should be viewed. In an art world that can at times appear as a wasteland of creativity and freshness, these six artists are cultivating their own unique styles, which seek to move the conversation forward, not simply blend into the background.