The Warrior Emperor and China’s Terracotta Army Sets New Record for ROM’s Exhibition Attendance


TORONTO, ONTARIO.- The Warrior Emperor and China’s Terracotta Army is the most successful exhibition presented by the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in the decade since Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids (2000). From the exhibition’s opening at the ROM on June 26, 2010 to its January 2, 2011 closing, an outstanding 355,196 visitors experienced the unique opportunity to see this showcase of nearly 250 artifacts from the elaborate underground tomb complex of China’s First Emperor. This attendance figure includes The Warrior Emperor school visits of over 12,000 students and accompanying adults. ROM Director and CEO Janet Carding said, “The ROM was honoured to work with our partners in China to create this exhibition uniquely for Canadian audiences. We are especially proud that The Warrior Emperor is distinguished as the most physically accessible exhibition in the Museum’s history. Numerous enhancements en