The Valencian Institute for Modern Art presents exhibition of Avant-garde photography in Cuba


VALENCIA.- The exhibition, organized in collaboration with Photo Library of Cuba and the National Arts Council of Cuba, shows a selection of 107 photographs taken between the decades of the twenties and fifties of last century by a group of 11 Cuban photographers: Joaquín Blez Jose Manuel Acosta, Felipe Atoy, George Rodon Badell, Ricardo Repilado, Abelardo Rodriguez, Roberto Rodriguez Decall, Tito Alvarez, Pedro Yodu Griñán, Raul Corrales and Jorge Figueroa. This exhibition highlights those authors who consciously chose photography as the medium for their artistic experimentation in Cuba. The first of these was Joaquín Blez, whose contribution to Cuban history of art and photography is associated to what we would call today his essay with the female nude, the sphere in which his work, produced in the nineteen twenties, gave rise to a polemic about the legitimacy of the artistic nude that did away with the old academic concept that limited