The Tree Museum: About Space, Time, Nature and Genius Loci


RAPPERSWIL-JONA.- On June 14, 2010, the Tree Museum situated on 75,000 square meters of land near Upper Lake Zurich, officially opened its gates. Conceived as an oval-shaped, open-air museum which is divided into a series of ‘rooms’, each with their own atmosphere and character, the Tree Museum exhibits individual trees from the collection of Enzo Enea, the Swiss landscape architect and a prominent tree collector. The Museum’s first mission is to emphasize the exceptional presence, beauty and rarity of the exhibited trees, while on a second, deeper level, Enzo Enea’s constellations will help shape visitors’ perception of primordial attributes of life such as time and space, and how these are so intrinsically embedded in the very quintessence of these ancient, venerable trees. The idea of creating a tree museum was a natural extension to Enea’s work as a landscape architect as many