The Tel-Aviv Museum of Art shows "Utopias on Paper II"

artwork: Max Beckmann - "The Disillusioned II, From: Trip to Berlin", 1922 - Llithograph - Collection of the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art. From "Utopias on Paper", the 2nd part of this exhibition series (which does not include this image) is on view until July.

Tel-Aviv.- The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is pleased to present “Utopias on Paper II”, until July in the Prints and Drawings Gallery, The Gallery of the German Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Herta and Paul Amir Building. The term ” Expressionism ” spans diverse expressions of the modernist current in art and literature, which developed in Germany and in the sphere of German culture in the first two decades of the 20th century. Expressionist art spoke in multiple voices of individual artists and short-lived associations which moved in different directions to expose the experience of a society and a culture in crisis.
This, second chapter of the exhibition focuses on the Expressionists’ approach to modernity and their reference to their life in the metropolis, this time through manifestations of culture, both high and popular.