The Tel Aviv Museum of Art Shows Contemporary Israeli Photography

artwork: Aviram Valdman - "Untitled", 2010 - Color print, light box - 90 x 120 cm. - Collection of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. On view in "Making Room: Contemporary Israeli Photography".

Tel Aviv, Israel.- The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is pleased to present “Making Room: Contemporary Israeli Photography”, a new ongoing exhibition which opened at the beginning of December. Most of the works in the exhibition are new acquisitions made possible by a gift from the Tel Aviv Educational and Cultural Co. The exhibition tackles the discourse about “place” – a major concern and challenge in contemporary Israeli photography – while addressing key issues in contemporary photography, related to the modes of seeing and representation that this medium makes possible. The thirty photographs in the exhibition span a variety of representations of place ranging from landscapes, through military and civilian sites, to the private domestic space and portraits of people taken in their surroundings. These spaces are depicted through a variety of photographic approaches ranging from direct photography, through some measure of digital processing (either overt or indiscernible), to photography that is the product of utter simulation.